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Yes you can try do the hard work yourself to save on the end of lease cleaning cost but receive a half-hearted job. Time and time again, we get called out to do the proper clean that was supposed to have been done, as the cheap bond cleaning resulted to a poor quality job.  And that means as the professional Cleaners we get called out to get it done right. These unnecessary exercises can be costly and will come out of your bond. So get it done right the first time with the expert bond cleaning service of Deep Kleen! Our work is guaranteed. This is the reason why most Real Estate agents encourage tenants to hire the provider of the best bond cleaning service as we know what is expected.

Exit Cleaning Brisbane Queensland


Deep Kleen Exit Clean Brisbane differs from normal house cleaning as it is a much more thorough service.  It has so much more detail involved, like thoroughly cleaning cupboards, shelves, ceilings, washing down walls, cleaning inside windows, doors and tracks, thoroughly clean the oven,  and so much more. If a bond clean isn’t done properly, the real estate agency will retain part or all of the bond money lodged in order to hire a better bond cleaning company to get it clean right. So why risk it? As professional end of lease cleaning provider, we have all the right equipment and experience to leave your rental property in the best possible condition that it can be.

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  • Hassle free and quality cleaning done for you every time.
  • Our name says it, we do Deep Kleen
    Bond Back Cleaning in Brisbane
  • All work guaranteed – for your peace of mind
  • Waste Removal – Quoted if required
  • We follow a system which carefully follows a comprehensive End of Lease Cleaning list so we do not miss anything
  • Quality Workmanship and customer service is our #1 priority
  • We do our bond back cleaning jobs professionally right the first time
  • Reliable and competitive but delivers quality jobs every time.
  • If you have any problem with the cleaning job, just let us know so we can resolve it as quick as possible for you.
  • We treat our customers and our employees with respect.
  • Much of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth.
  • Regularly trains our Elite Bond Cleaning Brisbane staff to make sure they maintain the quality of service.
  • We are the preferred End of Lease Cleaning Services Provider of many Real Estate Agents.

Free Disinfection Service for all Bond Cleaning Services in Brisbane, QLD

Deep Kleen Brisbane Disinfection & Sanitising Service goes beyond the scope of a standard cleaning service. With hospital grade disinfectant & cleaning supplies and come equipped with masks and gloves to sanitize your home empty or not.

Complete Disinfection: Completely covers every areas indoors, including those out-of-reach spots, eg. kitchen cupboards, hallway cabinets, floors, etc. Covering all highly used and non – busy areas.

Stop the Spread of Infection: This powerful disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses on contact improving the control of infections.

Longer Lasting: Aggressively adheres to surfaces and objects, which last longer than conventional disinfecting and sanitising method.

Better Indoor Air Quality: With Deep Kleen Fogging Service, the surrounding air is safer to breathe. 

A Cost- Effective Alternative: Prevention is better than cure.

Best Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Queensland
Best Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Queensland

Best End of Lease Cleaning for Real Estate Agencies

Best Bond and Exit Cleaning Gold Coast Queensland

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Exit Cleaning for Rental properties

Because we are very thorough in delivering our Bond Cleaning Services, all our real estate agents, private rentals and property managers do not have the headaches to deal with in preparing the property for new tenants and do not have the hassle with exiting tenants with regards to bond money.

You will find that as a provider of quality End of Lease Clean Brisbane our fees are competitive and reasonable. We pride ourselves on doing good and fair business. We run regular and extensive training with all of our Professional Cleaners to ensure that we deliver the best professional service to you, our Real Estate clients. We only employ reliable, honest and hardworking people. We value you, your business and all of our staff and do strive to exceed expectations. And as an important addition, we turn up every time! 

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