Deep Kleen

Brisbane and Gold Coast Builder's & Construction Clean

Builder’s and Construction clean is a messy job, considering so many different trades people are coming and going and doing their tasks and projects. At the end of the building and construction, a thorough clean is required to make the property ready for occupancy and presentable to the owners or prospective buyers and sellers. This is when Deep Kleen Brisbane Builder’s Clean come in.

Deep Kleen Brisbane Construction Cleaners will make sure every corner, surfaces, every rooms and walls are totally spotless. Deep Kleen Brisbane Cleaners are very detailed in all of our cleaning projects. Floors tiles, should be scrubbed cleaned and polished. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed. 

All surfaces should all be wiped including cupboards and shelves inside and out. A Brisbane builder’s clean also involves all wiping over fittings – light fittings, extractors, etc. Windows and all glass should be washed and wipe over. External gutters and fascias, patios, verandas should also be washed down. All of our Brisbane Construction Cleaning Services are done according to the specification and requirements of our clients. Deep Kleen services the Brisbane Construction and Gold Coast Construction Industry.