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Updated May , 2020 — Deep Kleen provides a very important service of Disinfection, fogging and sanitising services to the wider areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast Region. We only use Australian made and owned Hospital grade disinfectant products with broad spectrum that kills and eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses (including the Coronavirus).

The Coronavirus, or COVID -19 technically named SARS-CoV-2, will remain infectious outside of a host from two hours up to 9 days. Some test have found that the virus will remain infectious for up to three hours in the air and two to three days on plastic and steel surfaces.

ONGOING CONTROL IS VITAL – Prevention is better than Cure

To prevent the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Deep Kleen is your trusted partner in Disinfection service. We will tailor a solution for you, your family, staff, customers and the general public’s safety and well being.

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Phone: 0448 075 743
Operation Hours: 24 Hours Monday – Saturday
Office Hours: 8AM – 5PM Monday to Saturday

Why Choose Deep Kleen Brisbane and Gold Coast Cleaning Services?

People & Communication

Deep Kleen only employ honest, hardworking and reliable cleaners and like with every successful business relationships, communication is the biggest factor.  So from listening to your needs, creating your cleaning schedule to directing our team, communication is the key. It is our mission to meeting and exceeding your expectation for all your Brisbane Cleaning and Gold Coast Cleaning needs.

Quality Service Every Time

Deep Kleen strives to go above and beyond inn delivering the best quality residential and commercial clean and disinfection service for all our Clients. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Both our residential and commercial clients agree that we do price our service competitively while maintaining a high quality of service. So what are you waiting for? Book your cleaning service and experience the difference. 

Thorough Cleaning System

We have designed a thorough cleaning and Disinfection  systems. All of our staff  follow a checklist of cleaning procedure and practices safety and strict hygiene to minimise the risk of accidents and cross contamination and the integrity of the cleaning process is maintained.
This also ensures the appropriate cleaning equipment will be used correctly in your home and premises. 

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